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for technology companies

The professional experience of brings a unique blend of business and legal expertise to help guide you through the complex and difficult challenges of technology partnerships. The professionals at have represented a broad variety of technology companies from Internet start-ups to some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Apple, Zoom, Cisco, Oracle and Intuit. They have negotiated with major technology companies throughout the world in Europe, Asia and the Americas in a broad variety of industries, including SaaS, Internet, software, networking, telecommunications, semiconductor, computers, peripherals and portable devices.

The partners at believe that it is critical to work closely with our clients to deliver a disciplined approach to technology partnerships, including identifying the business goals to be achieved and structuring the transactions in a manner most likely to achieve those goals while prudently managing risk to your business, and negotiating those transactions to closure. is a partnership created by two Silicon Valley veterans, David Farrington and Sean Wani. Both David and Sean are licensed attorneys, but also have years of experience in a variety of business functions, including corporate development, business development, sales support and mergers and acquisitions. Their unique combination of business and legal experience enable them to assist their clients in a variety of areas related to technology partnerships, including:

  • Identifying Business Goals

  • Structuring the Transactions

  • Negotiating Business Terms

  • Drafting and Negotiating Legal Agreements